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Camron Group is One of India’s Prominent and Fast Growing Industrial Infrastructure development companies, with a four-decade-long history in the industrial Infrastructure development. We have rich experience in many areas of the infrastructure business and are proud to offer services across the following sectors.

We have the requisite expertise to complete any industrial infrastructure project. Moreover, our ultramodern factories and client-focused approach guarantee outstanding effects.

Our Services

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Land Acquisition

This service involves finding and acquiring suitable land for industrial development projects.

A trusted Patron of all major Land holding in pune a “Detroit city of India”.

We are expert in analyzing & short listing industrial land as well as Liaisoning MIDC Land from 5000 Sq.ft to 5,00,000 Sq.ft

Project Conceptualization

This service likely involves working with clients to develop the initial concept and idea for an industrial project. This could include feasibility studies, market research, and creating the overall vision for the project.

We carefully align our clients' requirements with our expertise in Industrial Development, Warehouse selection, project lease alternatives, and Built-to-Suit spaces, tailoring our project designs accordingly.

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PEB - Pre-Engineered Building Solutions

We Provide Pre-engineered building solutions involve using pre-designed and fabricated building components that are manufactured off-site and then assembled on the project site. This can streamline construction processes and reduce costs.

Modern, affordable cutting-edge pre-engineered buildings

Assemble as quickly as with design flexibility

Zero-compromise on quality standards

Build to Suit

Build to suit services involve constructing buildings or facilities tailored to a client's specific needs. This could include customizing designs, layouts, and features to match the exact requirements of the client.

This option is perfect for companies looking to establish manufacturing facilities. We transform & customize the industrial space into a tailored setup with a well-designed structure, then proceed to lease it from the developer.

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Industrial Park Development

Developing industrial parks involves creating large-scale industrial zones with multiple facilities such as factories, warehouses, offices, and supporting infrastructure. Camron likely manages the planning, construction, and development of such parks.

Warehousing & Logistics

This service involves designing, building, and managing warehouses and logistics facilities. It may also include optimizing storage space, implementing efficient logistics processes, and integrating technology as required.

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Civil Construction & Liaisoning

Civil construction services include all aspects of construction related to the Industrial shed’s , Turnkey projects, Commercial building's structure, such as foundation work, concrete structures, and structural elements.

Liaisoning involves handling interactions and obtaining approvals from local authorities and government bodies, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Assisting with environmental regulation compliance

Helping clients comply with environmental regulations and guidelines

Remediation works related to environmental problems

Green, sustainable solutions that reduce a client’s environmental footprint

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Infrastructure Replacement or Retrofit

Infrastructure overhauls conducted to increase efficiency or safety

Energy-efficient overhauls

Installation performed in a manner that does not hinder client operations

Turnkey solutions

We provide Suitable Land, Construction solution, Liasioning Government Approvals, Operation facility, Over all development.

Turnkey solutions mean that Camron Industrial Infrastructure Development Company can handle an entire project from start to finish, providing all services necessary for completion. This could include everything from design and planning to construction, equipment installation, and project management.

Ready-to-use and fully functioning businesses post-delivery

Customised as per client specifications to enable fast infrastructure deployment

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