Soaring high. Emerging stronger

Welcome to a world of endless exploration. Here we believe in evolving every moment. And transcending the limits by thinking beyond. We explore newer horizons, create worthwhile opportunities and grow taller in every endeavour. Soaring high and emerging stronger, we are Camron Infrastructure India Ltd.

Every great creation is an inspiration

Anything that is created with passion, deserves to be praised. Taking it further, we not only appreciate the creation but it carefully. Understand the language of beauty and hardwork it speaks. And take inspiration from it. While worshipping Mother Nature, we are observant and vigilant to learn innovations from her.

Features of the projects

• Full FSI Industrial Plots as per Gov TP Rules
• Industrial Plots
• Built To Suit Option
• Rental and Built to operate Industrial Sheds


Panchmahabhuta are the elements we are made of Bhumi, Jal, Agni, Pawan and Vyom are our creators. Because they create everything that is destined to last long and contribute to the welfare of the mankind. Even while achieving the top rank positions in the sectors we are in, we remain firmly attached with our roots. And with the classical elements we are made of – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky.


An era of glorious four decades.

The seed was sown way back in 1976. When we with the name of Aman Enterprises put the best foot forward towards the path of excellence. We commenced our operations with manufacturing of different types of gloves. And today we have not only strengthened our foundation, but have diversified in various industry verticals. A journey of four decades that inspires us to move on.

The past that encourages us to move on

Since 1976, we are into manufacturing of gloves and other safety products. We supply different types of gloves to various industries like Publication, Fabrication, Chemical and Electroplating. We are vendor to all major automobile giants like Bajaj, Mahindra, Volkswagen, General Motors, Fiat, and Mercedes Benz.

The array of safety products

From the knitted hand gloves, the company has diversified into many other personal safety products like Rubber Hand gloves, Helmets, Earplugs, Safety Shoes, Safety Belts, Goggles, Fire Resistant Gloves, Aprons, Coverall for workers in spray painting, powder coating, Face Masks, Face Shields and many more.

Association with MNCs – an achievement we celebrate.

Company is channel partner for MNC brands like Dupont, Tesa, Stanvac etc.